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Explore an extensive array of postal and logistics solutions tailored to meet every need, from simple mail dispatches to complex supply chain management, all under one roof for your convenience of an extensive array of postal and logistics solutions.

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Delivery times calculator

Leverage our intuitive delivery time calculator to get accurate estimates for your shipments, ensuring you can plan with precision and confidence.

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Loyalty offers program

Join our loyalty program to enjoy exclusive offers, discounts, and rewards that get better with shipment.

National fast shipping

Experience unparalleled speed with our national fast shipping services, with rapid delivery across the country.

Shipment tracking at your fingertips

“ Enjoy real-time tracking information, receive instant notifications at every step of the journey ”

With our innovative mobile app, keeping an eye on your shipments has never been easier or more convenient. Access detailed shipment histories with just a tap. Designed for both iOS and Android, our app ensures you’re always in the loop, giving you peace of mind and control over your deliveries.

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Economical Standard

Choose our cost-effective Standard Delivery service for reliable and efficient shipping that doesn’t break the bank. Perfect for non-urgent shipments, this option ensures your package arrives safely within 3-5 business days. Ideal for everyday parcels, online shopping deliveries, and business shipments that require quality service.

up to 7.5kg

Fast-Track Express

When time is of the essence, our Express Delivery service is here to meet your urgent shipping needs. Guaranteeing delivery within 1-2 business days, this option provides a swift and secure solution for last-minute gifts, important documents, and all time-sensitive shipments. Experience peace of mind with our expedited service.

up to 10kg

Ultra-Fast Overnight

For the ultimate in speed and convenience, opt for our Overnight Delivery service. Ensure your package is delivered the very next day, including weekends, with this premium option. Tailored for critical shipments, high-priority documents, and when tomorrow simply can’t wait, our Overnight Delivery provides unmatched speed, and reliability.

up to 10kg

Superior Worldwide

For those seeking the pinnacle of speed and exclusivity, our Premium Service is the ultimate choice. Catering to the most critical and high-value shipments, we ensure delivery within the shortest possible timeframe, often as quickly as the same day or next day, depending on the destination. Elevate your shipping experience to the highest standard.

up to 15kg

Order and pickup

Start your shipping journey with ease by submitting your order through our user-friendly online platform or mobile app. Choose from a wide range of delivery options tailored to your needs, and schedule a convenient pickup time. Our professional team will promptly arrive at your location to collect the package, ensuring it’s handled with the utmost care from the very beginning.


Transit processing

Once your package is in our hands, it goes through a meticulous processing phase to ensure it’s correctly categorized and routed. Utilizing our state-of-the-art logistics network, your shipment is then on its way, secured and monitored. With our advanced systems, we guarantee efficiency and safety, moving your package swiftly across cities or borders while keeping you informed every step of the way.


Delivery confirmation

The final leg of the shipping process is marked by the prompt and safe delivery of your package to its destination. Our dedicated delivery personnel ensure your shipment arrives on time, every time. Immediately upon delivery, you’ll receive a digital confirmation, complete with a signature for peace of mind. It’s our commitment to close the loop with transparency and reliability, making sure you’re fully satisfied with every aspect of our service.

Flat rates

€ 11.30 VAT incl.

L x W x H = max 25,000 cm3

€ 12.69 VAT incl.

L x W x H = max 50,000 cm3

€ 16.23 VAT incl.

L x W x H = max 75,000 cm3

€ 18.18 VAT incl.

L x W x H = max 100,000 cm3

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    Average rating on 234 reviews

    “ Since switching to this delivery service, our operations have become so much smoother and more reliable. The difference in how quickly our products reach our customers is night and day. ”

    Michael Thompson

    Business Owner

    “ I can't praise this service enough. In the competitive world of online retail, fast and reliable shipping is everything. This team has consistently gone above and beyond, ensuring time and in perfect condition. ”

    Sarah Jennings

    E-commerce Manager

    “ As a freelancer, I rely heavily on shipping services for delivering my work to clients. This service has changed the game for me with their unbeatable rates and exceptional delivery times.  ”

    Alex Sebastiano

    Product Designer

    Secured shipments

    Loyal insurance and guarantee commitment

    • Comprehensive full-value coverage for loss or damage.
    • Streamlined and user-friendly claims process.
    • Access to prompt and effective customer support.
    • Clear and straightforward terms for all insurance policies.
    • Speedy compensation process to minimize any inconvenience.
    • Variety of flexible coverage options to suit shipping needs.
    • Global protection to ensure your items are covered anywhere.
    • Effortless policy activation for immediate coverage.

    Frequent asked questions

    We prioritize the safety and integrity of your shipments. In the rare case of a lost or damaged package, we offer full-value insurance coverage. Contact our customer service team as soon as possible to report the issue. We will initiate a thorough investigation and guide you through the claim process, ensuring you are compensated for any loss or damage.

    You can modify your delivery address if your package hasn’t been dispatched. Please reach out to our customer support team with your order details and the new address. We’ll make the necessary adjustments to ensure your package is delivered to the correct location. Note that changes to the delivery address might affect the delivery times and costs.

    To track your shipment, visit our website or open our mobile app and enter your unique tracking number provided at the time of shipment. You’ll receive real-time updates, including the current location of your package and the estimated delivery date. Our tracking system ensures you’re always informed about your shipment’s journey from pickup to delivery.

    Yes, our international shipping services extend to over 200 countries around the globe. Depending on the destination, delivery times and costs will vary. We provide detailed tracking and support for all international shipments, ensuring your package is delivered safely and efficiently, regardless of distance.

    If your package is lost or damaged, please contact our customer service immediately. Provide them with your shipment details, including the tracking number and a description of the issue. Our team will then supply you with the necessary claim forms and detailed instructions on how to proceed. We’re committed to resolving your claim efficiently, ensuring you receive fair compensation for any loss or damage.

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